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Online forums and social media groups where Australian CPAs can share experiences, seek advice, and discuss industry topics.

Online platforms and forums that Australian teachers can ... - LinkedIn

Teachers Facebook : Facebook dedicated to teachers provide a platform for educators to connect, resources, various educational topics.

Cpa Jobs in All Australia - SEEK au

Find your ideal job at with 4,552 jobs found in All Australia. View all our vacancies now with new jobs added daily!

How your small business can use social media | CPA Australia au

As the most recent Australia Asia-Pacific Small Business Survey reveals, businesses are less likely to use than their counterparts across the Asia-Pacific.. Yet, uptake is one of the characteristics of a high-growth business. Those small businesses with plans to expand should therefore take the time to understand the pros, cons, risks and challenges of ...

Social media academic networking - insights from first-year accounting ...

adverse effects on academic performance; while overload has been found to hinder academic performance (Whelan et al., 2020). Studies on use and other aspects of student life provides a platform for students who want to communicate, co-create, , socialise and trade (Hernandez, 2015).

Individual and social benefits of online discussion forums

The present research argues that engagement with discussion have underappreciated benefits for users' well-being and engagement in offline civic action, and that identification with other users plays a key role in this regard. Users of a variety of discussion participated in this study.

Australia needs to talk up its future as an online business community

"Business communities are set to an influx of emerging technologies and services, changing and improving the ways business will be done in Australia. The challenge now is getting information about the benefits to businesses so they can get on board," Croker said.

Join the discussion online | Australian Taxation Office au gov

To provide financial under law, you must be registered with a professional industry body such as the: ... You can your own ideas and content - but if you reference someone else's work, make sure you credit them. ... You can customise your security settings to ensure your profile can only be ...

Social media academic networking - insights from first-year accounting ...

Using the Connectivist theory, the study aimed to relate use to different types of academic engagement and students' academic performance. Our key finding is to identify the establishment of self-initiated mentor-mentee relationships through use for academic purposes.

Creating successful social media strategies | CPA Australia au

The key is to post content that your followers are interested in. Encouraging client feedback: Encourage your clients to post testimonials or provide feedback via . Establishing yourself as a content expert: Consider writing business blogs or posting videos on YouTube. You can use individual channels to promote and ...

Online communities that enhance practice | APS au

CoP can therefore provide a much-needed platform to support health professionals like psychologists and general practitioners in their professional development by tapping into a wealth of knowledge from a of practitioners. CoP are also accessible, cost-effective, and most importantly, can lead to time-saving benefits because ...

Click and connect - young Australians' use of online social media au

networking services refer to services where 'members' can chat with each other via instant messaging, email, video or voice chat, photos and videos and post comments in or blogs. Young people, aged 12 to 17, have a very high level of use of networking services. Approximately 97 per cent of 16 to 17 ...

33 Social Media Groups and Chats You Should Know About - Buffer

21. Journalism. size: 2,100+ members. If you work in editorial or news , this is a must-join. It is a massive community and focuses on all things related to in news. Plus, the community moderators make a point to emphasize and enforce all chat is off the record. 22.

Who liked you today? Social media for educators - CELA au

An inclusion support professional, Rebecca has a wealth of in the sector and an active presence on both personally and with her business, Stone and Sprocket. Today she something a little different to her previous posts, with a reflection on where fits into early and middle years educators' lives.

Australian bodies establish the Digital Platform Regulators Forum au

Four national regulators have joined to establish the Digital Platform Regulators (DP-REG) to support a more unified approach to regulation.. The Communications and ...

Professional network | CPA Australia au

When you join Australia's Professional Network, you'll gain access to free courses, exclusive content and engaging events, which are all designed to support your next career move. Being part of the Professional Network will also help you adjust to professional life, future proof your skill set and maximise your potential for a big ...

5 easy steps to master online professional networking au

Take the initiative and start a , community or virtual invite desired contacts to it. "Create a platform for like-minded people to have conversations about the things they care about," says Taruvinga. Host events and build the community over time. Be flexible about the direction the takes.

Australia's best online forums - SmartCompany au

According to a new report by research Forrester, 75% of adults use networks, including , one-third are classified as citics, a that contributes to ...

The Ultimate Guide to Social Media for Accountants and CPAs

There are a number of ways to leverage the power of your profile, helping expand your reach and encourage engagement with your accounting firm. 1. Amass an Audience. Setting up accounts on Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter is a step in the right direction for building a strong network.

Professional networking: strategies and examples - SEEK au

For example, a of marketing professionals might meet up each month at an afterwork event, to industry trends and business leads. offline networking platforms. networking platforms have become increasingly popular for business. today is one of the best professional networking ...

Networking for CPAs: Building Connections for Professional Growth - CPA ...

These platforms, such as LinkedIn, accounting-specific , , provide a virtual space for to network, insights, and engage in industry discussions. networking platforms allow to expand their connections beyond geographical boundaries and connect with professionals from different parts of the world.

Discussion Groups - Institute of Public Accountants au

Discussion . Our popular discussion are held regularly throughout Australia to facilitate discussion on key issues affecting our members and the accounting profession. Attendance at these discussion will provide you with networking opportunities and allow you to gain a deeper insight into the real world of accounting. If you ...

Discussion groups | CPA Australia au

Available in Victoria. Discover discussion open for participation in Victoria. Continuing Professional Development CPD. Please note: These discussion are hosted independently of Australia. Any discussion content, opinions /or views expressed during a discussion by an individual, reflect the views /or ...

CPA Member Connect | CPA Australia au

It's a place where you can network, exchange views, articles, and topics relevant to you. It's easy to get started. Just log in through your Australia account. Conversations are already underway, so I encourage you to join in and get involved. I look forward to seeing this community grow and develop. Thank you all very ...